Used Networking and Computer Gear

Selling old computers is a breeze with NaLogic, LLC. Our used network and computer equipment division buys servers, routers, network equipment, switches and storage. We make it easy for those who want to sell old computer and network gear by giving you the highest cash offer so you can turn your excess inventory into capital. We are a premier reseller of HP, Compaq, IBM, Cisco, Juniper, Sun, Nortel, and Dell. When you sell old computers for cash we are able to give you an offer based on 'as is' or working condition. Our pricing is the guaranteed best, and that is why so many recyclers turn to NaLogic to sell old computer and network gear.

Getting Cash in Your Pocket is Easy!

1. Just fill out our purchase quote and list the items you would like to sell
2. We will evaluate each item on the list and make a fair offer based on the current market value.
3. Upon acceptance of our offer, we will have the products shipped to our facility in Massachusetts, inspect the goods to make sure it is in good cosmetic condition and in good working order
4. Get paid! We send you a check for the products

For those saying 'It's time to sell my computer and networking gear for extra cash!', fill out the form below and a NaLogic representative will contact you within 1 hour during the normal business day. Call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-625-6442 if you have an immediate question and we will be happy to assist you.

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Send Us Your Information
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