Circuit Boards

NaLogic pays top dollar for circuit boards, including high grade circuit boards, mother boards, daughter boards, telecommunication boards, hard drive boards, gold plated circuit boards, populated circuit boards, low grade boards and green boards. We will also purchase old SIM/smart cards, sorted integrated circuit (IC chips) and mixed scrap integrated circuits (IC chips). Make sure to save these valuable pieces form your broken and old electronic devices and NaLogic will buy them in bulk or smaller quantities, paying you for what you would otherwise be throwing away! Call us today TOLL FREE at 1-877-625-6442 with any questions about your used circuit boards and chips and let NaLogic put some money in your pocket today!

HighGradeCB High Grade Circuit Boards
Motherboard Mother Boards
Daughterboards Daughter Boards
TelecomCB Telecommunication Boards
HardDriveCB Hard Drive Boards
GoldPlatedCB Gold Plated Circuit Boards
PopulatedCircuitBoard Populated Circuit Boards -
whole circuit boards with all components still attached (often contain precious metals!)
SIMSmartCard SIM/SmartCards
SortedICChips Sorted Integrated Circuit (IC chips)
MixedICChips Mixed Scrap Integrated Circuits (IC chips)
LowGradeCB Low Grade Boards
GreenBoards Green Boards


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