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At NaLogic, LLC we buy computer scrap from CPUs, RAM, Circuit Boards, and other electronic scrap from those who want to recycle computers for cash. We buy other electronic components as well, including cell phones, used computers, servers, telecom gear, switches and more. Computer scrap is an often overlooked resource that people can use to generate some extra cash flow. Cash for computers is also a great way to pocket extra money in an environmentally responsible way. Knowledgeable recyclers make sure to sell used computers and sell computer parts for cash and are rewarded with money that would otherwise just be thrown away!

Computers, cell phones and other electrical devices contain valuable metals that can be re-circulated into the manufacturing base and overall economy. NaLogic buys thousands upon thousands of these electrical devices and ensures that they are properly recycled. From individuals with old and broken computers and cell phones, to businesses that use these and other electronic devices every day, no one should be wasting resources and throwing away money, especially in this tight economy. When you recycle computers for cash you benefit everyone. So sell computer parts for cash now! It's easy and rewarding!

We buy mixed or separated loads, weather its 25 pounds, on pallets, or by the truckload and we pay 100% of the shipping!

Call NaLogic today TOLL FREE at 1-877-625-6442 and let us tell you more of how we can put cash in your pocket in exchange for unwanted cell phone and computer scrap.



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